Theme Change Log

Version 1.4.4

- Bottom footer social media icons issue fixed.
- Updated woocommerce files.

Version 1.4.3

- Updated Woocommrece files.
- Updated TGM Plugin activation file.
- Shop page products issue fixed.

version 1.4.2

- Mobile menu issue fixed.
- Sticky menu issue fixed.
- Bottom scrollbar issue fixed in ipad view.

version 1.4.1

- Header logo issue fixed.
- Menu alignemnt issue fixed.
- Fixed footer issue in home page.
- Header reponsive issue fixed.

version 1.4.0

- Scroll bar issue fixed.
- Menu active color issue fixed.
- Theme Customize issue fixed.
- Removed default widgets panel from Theme Customize.

version 1.3.9

- Added metabox plugin by default.
- Image uploading not working in wordpress latest version issue fixed.
- Page "Full Screen Background Settings" options not hiding issue fixed.

version 1.3.8

- Updated woocommerce files.
- Added new sticky header.
- Added an option to enable/disable sticky header in theme customizer > header section.
- Added background color option to sticky header.

V1.3.7 - 12th February-2016

- Wp color picker issue fixed in latest "Page Builder by SiteOrigin" plugin.

V1.3.6 - 6th January-2016

- After importing "One click demo"  Primary navigation Menu not setting issue fixed.
- "one click demo" wordpress importer issue fixed.
- Sidebar generator issue  after creating custom sidebar fixed.

V1.3.5 - 24th November-2015

- Updated woocommerce files.

V1.3.4 - 9th November-2015

- Modified Theme customizer Options.
- Added New styles Theme Customizer sections.
- Added social icon images Uploading option in social media icons>Theme customizer.
- Added new ui-slider to set font-sizes/paddings/margins In Theme Customizer.
- Default Text is displaying if text area is empty issue fixed in theme customizer.
- Logo settings seperated from Header settings.

v1.3.3 – 26th October- 2015

- Added "One Click demo option" to import xml file and customizer settings.
- Modified xml demo content.


- Enhanced Theme Customize style.
- Logo selection issue fixed in Theme Customize .

v1.3.1 – 18th August - 2015

- Added RTL Css file.
- Related Post margin left issue fixed.
- Remove defeault Themme from Theme Customize.
- Bottom Footer Social Media Icons issue fixed.
- Updated WooCommerce files.


 - Added on potion to change mobile menu "GO TO" in Theme Customize.
 - Fixed bug default Page Title Bar background image.
 - Fixed bug default Middle Content background image.

v1.2.3 – 16th June- 2015

- Portfolio Custom Link Issue Fixed.
- Updated prettyPhoto js file.

v1.2.2 – 23rd April- 2015

 - Updated TGM plugin script. 

v1.2 – 24th January- 2015

 - Theme Customizr enhancement .

v1.1.2 – 18th December – 2014

 - Fixed Bug: Disable Slider overlay pattern issue.

v1.1.1 – 2nd October- 2014

 - Footer issue when disable overlay container fixed.

v1.1 – 26th September- 2014

 -  WooCommerce out date file messages issue fixed.
 -  Primary navigation issue fixed.

v1.0.0 – 5th August- 2014

 - Initial release.

Plugin Change Log

version 1.3.7

-- List Items issue fixed.
-- Portfolio Widget resize issue fixed.
-- Draggable Slider Widget resize issue fixed.
-- Slider resize issue fixed.
-- Added mr-image-resize instead of aq_resizer.
-- Testimonial default image issue fixed.

version 1.3.6

-- Added Meta Box plugin by default.

version 1.3.5

- Testimonial Slider widget responsive issue fixed.

V1.3.4 - 6th January-2016

- Added excerpt content display option for testimonial posts.
- Image gallery widget thumbnail images issue fixed.
- Testimonial slider not working properly when auto play is on issue fixed.
- Added new option in contact form widget to change success message text.
- Added new option in appointment form widget to change appointment form success message text.

V1.3.3 - 24th November-2015

- Testimonial slider autoplay not working issue fixed.

V1.3.2 - 9th November-2015

- Excerpt content not displaying in blog posts issue fixed.
- Added New Features to change contact form label names.
- Contact form fields not reseting after submission issue fixed.
- Added color options to contact form widget.
- Added new options to change Appointment form field names.
- Added color options to Appointment form widget.
- Form fields not reseting after submission issue fixed in Appointmnet form widget.

version 1.3.1

- Added RTL css file.
- "Draggable slider widget" title issue fixed.

version 1.3

- Seperated widgets from single file to individual files.
- Improved widget styling.
- Removed color text filed and added color picker for all widgets.

v1.2 – 24th January- 2015

 - Added New Feature:  Redesigned Gallery widget with lots of features, you can convert gallery into slider.

v1.1 – 31st October- 2014

 - Added New Feature: Added "Haircare-Gallery Widget" .

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